Blair, Ferry, Boardman, Miller, Van Guilder score opening wins at Alexander’s Eriez Speedway 59th consecutive season starts a new era!

Blair, Ferry, Boardman, Miller, Van Guilder score opening wins at Alexander’s Eriez Speedway 59th consecutive season starts a new era!

Blair, Ferry, Boardman, Miller, Van Guilder score opening wins at Alexander’s Eriez Speedway
59th consecutive season starts a new era!

Hammett, PA (May 5, 2019) — The morning sky over Alexander’s Eriez Speedway started overcast and cold but by the time the gates opened the sky was blue with not a cloud in view. With afternoon temperatures in the 70s and dropping to the high forties after sunset Max Blair scored another “double” with wins in both Super Late Model and RUSH Late Model features, Josh Ferry scored in the E-Mod finale and Kyle Miller was first in the Economod finale. John Boardman bested the Street Stocks while Brandon Van Guilder was victorious in the final feature of the night, the Challengers.

The first feature up was the Curtze Food Service Street Stocks with Gary Fisher and John Boardman, the defending class champion, on the front row. Boardman led from the drop of the green, never receiving any serious challenge for the lead. At halfway it was it was Boardman, Fielding, Jason Black, Wesley McCray, Tyler Thompson, . That was the order of finish in the race that went green from start to checkers!

A pair of 77s, Dustin DeMattia and Matt Alexander, brought the Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Center Economod feature to green with Alexander taking off to the early lead. Only two laps were in the record book when Ed Roberts came to a stop against the back straight wall, slowing the race under yellow. Alexander brought the field back to green and led again with Brian Toto coming to second by the end of lap three with DeMattia now third. With four laps complete Mike Harmon, Buzzy Seitz, and James Myers got together in turn one for the second caution. Alexander again led after green with Toto second until halfway when caution flew again for a car slow at the pit entrance just as Mitch Wright came to second. With yellow falling, the pass was negated. Again Alexander brought the race back to green with Toto, Wright, Kyle Miller, and Nate Young filling out the top five. The next yellow flew when Kyle Layton, Gary Olson, and Casey Harmon got together in turn one. After a quick trip pitside, Harmon was able to return to the race. On green Ashley Rogers and Buzzy Seitz got together in turn two, slowing the race yet again. At the single file restart Alexander again led with Miller right behind. At lap eleven Miller got by Alexander for the lead on the high side of the backstretch. Miller went on to the win over Alexander, Young, Wright, and Toto.

The Waterford Hotel E-mods were brought to green by Steve Rex and Dennis Lunger with Lunger gaining the immediate lead and Gary Eicher coming to second. Eicher got by Lunger in turn one of lap four. At eight laps in, Rich Michael spun in turn one with Tim Rockwell also spun to avoid contact. At the halfway point Lunger got back to the lead but Eicher came back to nose ahead at the line with fourteen complete. Rex looped it in turn four at that point, bringing another yellow over the field. The top five coming back to green were Eicher, Lunger, Troy Johnson, Greg Johnson, and Casey Bowers. At lap sixteen Greg Johnson got to third but in turn four on lap seventeen Lunger spun in turn four with Greg Johnson coming into him head-on, with Casey Bowers also getting involved.. For the next green it was Eicher leading defending champion Troy Johnson, Josh Ferry, Randy Hall, and Zach Johnson. Before another lap was complete Bowers and Brandon Grossman got together on the back straight, bringing out another caution. At green Ferry pulled even with Eicher on the back straight, got by for the lead, and immediately opened a near half-straight advantage. At the white flag Troy Johnson got to second. At the checkers it was Ferry, Troy Johnson, Eicher, Dan Davies, and Hall.

Scott Gurdak and Ward Schell were the front row for the Bonnell’s RV and Truck Center RUSH Late Model feature with Eric Wilson and Kyle Zimmerman on row two. Schell took the lead at green with Gurdak second. Gurdak was a nose ahead at three laps when Jeremy Wonderling, Khole Wanzer, and Clayton Tarabori piled up in turn two, slowing the event. Gurdak, Schell, Michael Duritsky, Kyle Zimmerman, and Max Blair were the front five for this green. Wanzer and Brandon Porter spun in turn four at five complete, again slowing the race. This green it was Gurdak, Schell, Blair, Zimmerman, and Schell the top five. On the first lap under green Porter came to a halt in turn two. Under the yellow, Duritsky pitted. That brought Wilson back into the top five. Only one more lap was in when Wanzer spun in turn four and Tarabori getting “air time” after contact. Both cars needed towed pitside. Blair opened up his lead as soon as green was flying and had a half straight over Gurdak and Zimmerman, side by side at the halfway point. Wilson was fourth at this point and defending class champion Jason Genco fifth. Genco was fourth with five to go. Dennis Dellinger slowed on the front straight with two to go, bringing caution that eliminated Blair’s lead, setting up a two lap dash for the win. At green Zimmerman got to second and Matt Latta got by Wilson for fifth. The top five at the finish was Blair, Zimmerman, Gurdak, Genco, and Latta.

The New Motors Super Late Model feature had Alex Ferree and Wyatt Scott on the front row with Ferree gaining the immediate lead over Scott and Max Blair up to third. On lap four cautIon flew for debris. Blair came to second on the restart while Ferree was opening a lead. Bob Dorman spun in turn three at six complete, eliminating Ferree’s advantage. J R Gentry spun in turn two on the restart. Colton Flinner was the next caution, stopped on the edge of the track on the back straight. Ferree again started opening a lead on Blair but caution yet again was over the track when Matt Lux spun coming out of turn two. On turn two after green, fourth-running Steve Kania got sideways in turn two and nearly rolled, but the car settled back on all four wheels. Again, Ferree started walking away from the field, having a near half-straight lead at the halfway point. The top five at halfway were Ferree, Blair, Groters, Chad Wright, and Mike Wonderling. Matt Lux came to a stop in turn four with seven to go, yet again slowing the race under caution. Wright was next to Groters at nineteen complete but Groters was again third a lap later. Blair stayed in the lead on this green that only lasted until lap 23 when Ryan Scott, Matt Latta, Doug Eck, Bob Dorman, and Brady Wonderling piled up on the back straight. Under the caution leader Ferree pitted, turning the lead over to Blair. Greg Oakes came to second at the white flag with Colton Flinner third, Chad Wright fourth, and Chris Hackett fifth at the checkers.

John Zeleznik and Brandon Van Guilder brought the L & B Tree Service Challengers to green with Van Guilder taking the lead at the start. With three complete Jeff Nunemaker’s car erupted in a cloud of smoke and Jessica Harvey spun in turn one. Dillon Speer came to second at lap four just as caution flew for Rachel Miller, spun in turn two. Speer suddenly slowed at lap seven and pulled to the pit lap later. Caution flew with two to go when a wheel came off Lane Reinwald’s car and he stopped on the front straight. Zeleznik challenged for the lead over the remaining two laps but Van Guilder hung on for the win. Zeleznik wound up second with Casey Burch third, Charles Sullivan fourth, and Rick Feely fifth.

New Motors Super Late Models:
Heat 1: Chris Hackett, Chad Wright, Mike Wonderling, Joel Watson, Matt Lux, J R Gentry, Alex Anderson, Alex Ferree, Andy Boozel
Heat 2: Max Blair, Dave Hess, Steve Kania, Brandon Groters, Colton Flinner, Jared Miley, Brady Wonderling, Doug Eck
Heat 3: Ryan Scott, Mike Maresca, Bob Dorman, Wyatt Scott, Greg Oakes, Bump Herman, Eastman Hedman, Bump Hedman
Feature: Max Blair, Greg Oakes, Colton Flinner, Chad Wright, Chris Hackett, Mike Wonderling, Brady Wonderling, Doug Eck, Alex Ferree, Brandon Groters, Ryan Scott, Wyatt Scott, Bob Dorman, Eastman Hedman, Steve Kania, J R Gentry, Matt Lux, Alex Anderson, Bump Hedman, Mike Maresca, Darrell Bossard, Jared Miley, Dave Hess Jr, Joel Watson, Andy Boozel (DNS)

Bonnell’s RV and Truck Center RUSH Crate Late Models:
Heat 1: Jeremy Wonderling, Ward Schell, Brenton Santee, Andy Proper, Dennis Dellinger, Dale McDonald, David Parker (DNS)
Heat 2: Eric Wilson, Kyle Zimmerman, Scott Gurdak, Ryan Scott, Paul Norman, John Stockdale, Josh Beckstrom
Heat 3: Jason Genco, Max Blair, Michael Duritsky, Khole Wanzer, Brandon Porter, Darren Waldron, Dave Parker, Austin Hauser
Heat 4: Matt Latta, Dennis Lunger, Clayton Tarabori, Chad Clement, Paul Norman, Scott Delahoy, Jacob Peterson, Bruce Hordusky
B-Main: Bruce Hordusky, Darren Waldron, Dave Parker, Scott Delahoy, Jacob Peterson, Josh Beckstrom, Austin Hauser, John Stockdale
Feature: Max Blair, Kyle Zimmerman, Scott Gurdak, Jason Genco, Matt Latta, Eric Wilson, Jeremy Wonderling, Ward Schell, Ryan Scott, Paul Norman, Scott Delahoy, Andy Proper, Chad Clement, Brandon Porter, Dennis Dellinger, Dennis Lunger, Khole Wanzer, Darren Tarabori, Michael Duritsky, David Parker, Darrin Waldron, Bruce Hordusky

The Waterford Hotel Outlaw E-Modifieds:
Heat 1: Casey Bowers, Gary Eicher, Troy Johnson, Dan Davies, Brandon Grossman, Hunter Hulley, Steve Simon
Heat 2: Josh Ferry, Greg Johnson, Rich Michael, Zach Johnson, Eric Reinwald, Mike Kinney
Heat 3: Dennis Lunger, Steve Rex, Randy Hall. Tim Rockwell, Al Brewer, Jarred Silvis
Feature: Josh Ferry, Troy Johnson, Gary Eicher, Dan Davies, Randy Hall, Mike Kinney, Tim Rockwell, Hunter Hulley, Casey Bowers, Jarred Silvis, Zach Johnson, Brandon Grossman, Eric Reinwald, Steve Rex, Rich Michael, Al Brewer, Steve Simon (DNS)

Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods:
Heat 1: Buzzy Seitz, Brian Toto, Jason Brightman, Tyler Davis, James Myers, Jim Muma, Allen Phillips, Brad Boyd
Heat 2: Kyle Miller, Nate Young, Stu Richard, Dustin DeMattia, Kyle Layton, Ashley Rogers, Kyle Reinwald, Ed Roberts
Heat 3: Mitch Wright, Casey Harmon, Matt Alexander, Jarrett Young, Mike Johnstone, Kyle Adkins, Mike Harmon, Gary Olson (DNS)
Feature: Kyle Miller, Matt Alexander, Ed Young, Mitch Wright, Brian Toto, Stu Rickard, Jason Brightman, Gary Olson, Kyle Reinwald, Buzzy Seitz, Kyle Layton, Casey Harmon, Jarrett Young, Tyler Davis, Allen Phillips, Ashley Rogers, Jim Muma, Dustin DeMattia, Mike Harmon, James Myers, Mike Johnstone, Ed Roberts, Kyle Adkins (DNS), Brad Boyd

Curtze Food Service Street Stocks:
Heat 1: Jackson Humanic, Wesley McCray, Gary Fisher, Brent Crandall, Chris Fenno, Lonnie Waldron, Mike Miller, Darr Diegelman (DNS)
Heat 2: Ron Laskey, John Boardman, Pat Fielding, James Scharbe, Trevor Jimerson, Doug Eck
Heat 3: Jason Black, Tyler Thompson, Chris McGuire, Dylan Greene, Garrett Calvert, Joshua Seippel, Shane Applebee, Tom Teed (DNS)
Feature: John Boardman, Jason Black, Tyler Thompson, Chris McGuire, Wesley McCray, Rod Laskey, Brent Crandall, Doug Eck, Jackson Humanic, Shane Applebee, Garrett Calvert, Joshua Seippel, Chris Fenno, Pat Fielding, James Scharbe, Lonnie Waldron, Trevor Jimerson, Tom Teed, Gary Fisher, Dylan Greene, Darr Diegelman

L & S Tree Service Challengers:
Heat 1: Rick Feely, Jessica Harvey, Brandon Hall, Jeff Nunemaker, Tyler Walters, Rachel Moller, Nick Robbie, Joe Syzmanski, Mitchell Rex, Pat Hanlon
Heat 2: John Zeleznik, Zack Eller, Wes Stull, Greg Marsh, Dillon Speer, Emily Stoyer, Donnie May, Kevin Covell, Brandon Huffman, Chris Horton, Mike Barr
Heat 3: William Van Guilder, Mark Lawrence, Casey Burch, Charles Sullivan, Lane Reinwald, Alexis Vogt, Joe DeWoody, Nick Robie, Trisha Jacket
B-Main: Pat Hanlon, Kevin Covell, Joe Sysmanski, 31s, Trisha Jacket, Todd Hanlon
Feature: William Van Guilder, John Zeleznik, Casey Burch, Charles Sullivan, Rick Feely, Zack Eller, Wes Stull, Mark Lawrence, Greg Marsh, Tyler Walters, Emily Stoyer, Jessica Harvey, Kevin Covell, Alexis Vogt, Joe DeWoody, Joe Syzmanski, Lane Reinwald, Dillon Speer, Pat Hanlon, Rachel Moller, Jeff Nunemaker, Brandon Hall (DNS), Nick Robie (DNS), Donnie May (DNS)