Blair scores again at Eriez!

Blair scores again at Eriez!

Chad Wright, Mitchell Wright, Watson, Groters, and Jackson also win!

Hammett, PA (August 27, 2017): In a night of first-rate “precision” driving very few yellow flags flew Sunday night at Erie with three features going from green to checkers with no slow-downs! Mitchell Wright scored his first-ever Eriez Speedway win in dominating style, leading all fifteen laps of the Conway & O’Malley Tire Pros Economod feature. Max Blair took over the lead at ten laps into the 25-lap Plyler Overhead Door Super Late Model feature and went on to win his fourth feature of the season by a wide margin. Chad Wright led from the drop of the green flag to score his third Bonnell Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Model win of the season. Joel Watson took eight laps to come from fourth on the grid to the lead of the Ran-Den Excavating E-Mod feature, then went on to his fourth win of the season. Brandon Groters collected his second victory of the season in the finale for the Nelson Lynwood Nursery & Elene’s Treasures and Giftshop Street Stocks. In the night capper for the Kandy’s Gentlemen’s Club Super Challengers it was Skip Jackson going to Victory Lane for the first time this season at Eriez.

The Street Stocks were first to take the green with Don McGuire and Brandon Groters, both past champions, on the front row. At the green several cars got together with Michael Reed, Bill Applebee, and Wesley McCray winding up in the turn one wall. At green Groters drove to the lead over McGuire with John Boardman third. Michael Reed spun in turn two for the first caution. At this green Boardman came to second but Reed again spun, this time on the back straight, getting him sent to the pit due to his third caution. On this green Groters began stretching his lead over Boardman with Chris McGuire taking over third at four complete. At halfway the top five were Groters, Boardman, Chris McGuire, Don McGuire, and Brad Church. The top five remained the same at the checkers. It was Groter’s second win of the season.

Michael McGee and Justin Carlson brought the E-Mods to green with McGee leading from the start and Joel Watson coming to second from fourth on the grid. At lap six Watson was challenging and alongside at seven. At eight laps Watson had a full car-length lead over McGee. At halfway the top five were Watson, McGee, Carlson, Troy Johnson, and Jacob Eucker. With seventeen complete John Boyd came to fifth. At the checkers it was Watson, McGee, Carlson, Johnson, and Boyd in a caution-free feature.

Wyatt Scott and Chad Wright brought the Bonnell Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models to green but Robert Mitchum III spun in turn one, negating the start. On the next try Wright grabbed the immediate lead over Scott, Kyle Zimmerman, and Jason Genco, the defending champion. Genco was third at three laps with Max Blair up to fifth. At six laps in Blair was fourth. Genco took over second on lap seven. At halfway the order was still the same. As Wright was coming to heavy traffic. Blair came to third a lap past halfway. At thirteen Hunter Hulley, a lapped car, got into second running Genco, slowing his progress. Even in heavy traffic Wright held on to the win with Genco settling for second over Blair, Scott, and Kyle Zimmerman. After the opening-lap yellow flag, the event went caution-free.

The Conway & O’Malley Tire Pros Economod feature started with Brandon Blackshear and Mitchell Wright leading the way. Wright had a narrow lead over Blackshear at the end of one lap and a car-length lead at two laps. Eric Reinwald was third at three laps and challenging Blackshear for second. Reinwald got sideways at five laps then at six complete Dustin Eckman spun out in turn two, slowing the race under caution. Kyle Miller came to second at the green as Wright continued to lead. At five laps to go Justin Sax spun in turn one for caution number two. Wright again led, until eleven complete when Gary Olson looped it in turn four. With the white flag flying Olson, Sax, and Jason Brightman spun in turn one, setting up a one-lap dash to Victory Lane. Wright held on for the win over Miller, Ty Rhoades, Blackshear, and Reinwald.

In honor of Rick Briggs, former Sportsman Coupe champion and father of Super Late Model driver Rick Briggs pace laps for the Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Model feature were run in the “Missing Man” formation, the pole position left empty. When the cars returned to the standard formation for the green Chris Hackett took the immediate lead from the pole over outside front row starter Jake Finnerty. On lap three fourth starting Greg Oakes was slightly ahead. At five laps complete Oakes was two lengths ahead with Max Blair coming to second at lap seven. Blair closed the gap and at ten laps the Centerville, PA speedster took over at the front, then opening a big lead. At eighteen Steve Kania was next to Finnerty for third but Finnerty was back to the spot at twenty. At white Kania again had the third spot. At the checkers it was Blair, Oakes, Kania, Finnerty, and Hess. Two all-green features were now in the book.

The final feature of the night was for the Kandy’s Gentlemen’s Club Super Challengers. Roger Hall led from the green after a lap one caution for debris. Kyle Adkins came around the outside to take the lead at the end of three laps. At the checkers in the third caution free event it was Skip Jackson taking the win over Kyle Adkins, Andy Proper, Aaron Marcy, and Jeff Nunemaker.

Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Models:
Heat 1: Max Blair, Jake Finnerty, Chris Hackett, Ward Schell, Darrell Bossard, Dave Hess Jr, Bob Dorman
Heat 2: Greg Oakes, Bump Hedman, Rich Gardner, Steve Kania, Andy Boozel, Billy Eash, Damon Haught
Feature: Max Blair, Greg Oakes, Steve Kania, Jake Finnerty, Dave Hess Jr, Andy Boozel, Rich Gardner, Darrell Bossard, Chris Hackett, Bump Hedman, Billy Eash, Ward Schell, Damon Haught, Bob Dorman

Bonnell Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models:
Heat 1: Jason Genco, Kyle Zimmerman, Wyatt Scott, Brady Raynor, Kohle Wanzer, Paul Norman, Mike Lozowski, Hunter Hulley, John McGee
Heat 2: Max Blair, Mike Knight, Bruce Hordusky, Chad Wright, Scott Gurdak, Darrell Bossard, Andy Boozel, Robert Mitchum III
Feature: Chad Wright, Jason Genco, Max Blair, Wyatt Scott, Kyle Zimmerman, Mike Knight, Bruce Hordusky, Mike Lozowski, Darrell Bossard, Andy Boozel, Scott Gurdak, Kohle Wanzer, Brady Raynor, Paul Norman, Robert Mitchum III, Hunter Hulley, John McGee

Ran-Den Excavating E-Mods:
Heat 1: Joel Watson, Gary Eicher, John Boyd, Justin Carlson, Casey Bowers, Alan Atkinson, Jarrod Silvis, Randy Hall, Cale Crocker
Heat 2: Troy Johnson, Steve Sornberger Jr, Jacob Eucker, Michael McGee, Mike Kinney, Steve Simon, Brian Stino, Calvin Thompson
Feature: Joel Watson, Mike McGee, Justin Carlson, Troy Johnson, John Boyd, Jacob Eucker, Casey Bowers, Mike Kinney, Steve Simon, Alan Atkinson, Jarrod Silvis, Calvin Thompson, Steve Sornberger Jr, Brian Stino, Gary Eicher, Randy Hall, Cale Crocker

Conway & O’Malley Tire Pros Economods:
Heat 1: Mitchell Wright, Eric Reinwald, Zack Lenart, Jason Brightman, Ty Rhoades, Justin Sax, Gary Olson, Gary Murphy
Heat 2: Dustin Eckman, Kyle Miller, Brandon Blackshear, Ashley Rogers, Mike Boyd, Matt Alexander, Keith Felicetty
Feature: Mitchell Wright, Kyle Miller, Ty Rhoades, Brandon Blackshear, Eric Reinwald, Mike Boyd, Zack Lenart, Matt Alexander, Dustin Eckman, Gary Olson, Gary Murphy, Justin Sax, Jason Brightman, Ashley Rogers, Keith Felicetty

Nelson Lynwood Nursery and Elene’s Treasures and Giftshop Street Stocks:
Heat 1: John Boardman, Don McGuire, Darr Diegelman, Jason Black, Brad Church, Bill Applebee, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Eric McCray, Darrin Waldron (DNS)
Heat 2: Brandon Groters, Chris McGuire, Gary Fisher, Brian Crandall, Garrett Calvert, Wesley McCray, Michael Reed, Brent Crandall
Feature: Brandon Groters, John Boardman, Chris McGuire, Don McGuire, Brad Church, Garrett Calvert, Brian Crandall, Darr Diegelman, Jason Black ,Jimmy Kennerknecht, Wesley McCray, Eric McCray, Gary Fisher, Brent Crandall, Michael Reed, Bill Applebee, Darrin Waldron (DNS)

Kandy’s Gentlemen’s Club Super Challengers:
Heat 1: Andy Proper, Skip Jackson, Dylan Greene, Joe Syzmanski, Jeff Nunemaker, Josie Tolon, MacKenzie Eggleston, Brian McGarvie, Roger Hall, Greg Rockwell, Zach Eller
Heat 2: Kyle Adkins, Tim Fisher, Nicholas Reed, Aaron Marcy, Dave Lowe Sr, Chris Horton, Nick Robie, Dalton Eggleston, Aaron Cole, Jessica Harvey
Feature: Brandon Groters, John Boardman, Chris McGuire, Don McGuire, Brad Church, Garrett Calvert, Brian Crandall, Darr Diegelman, Jason Black, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Wesley