Briggs, Genco, Watson, Ferry, and VanGuilder cap off 2018 season with wins on night two of “Bob Rohrer’s September Sweep”!

Briggs, Genco, Watson, Ferry, and VanGuilder cap off 2018 season with wins on night two of “Bob Rohrer’s September Sweep”!

Racing season ends on high note!

Hammett, PA (September 23, 2018) — The final race of the Eriez Speedway 2018 season was Night Two of Bob Rohrer’s September Sweep and it was a wild night of action and close racing with veterans showing the way. Boom Briggs collected his fourth Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Model feature win of the season, including the final three and three of the final four. Only once in the history of the Sweep had the same driver won it both nights, in the inaugural running in 2013 when Dan Stone accomplished the feat. The RISH Crate Late Model field was bested by 2018 Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Model Champion Jason Genco, his third feature win of the season. Joel Watson again conquered the Ran Den Excavating E-Mod field his fifth win of 2018, Josh Ferry won the Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods. Defending points champion Chris McGuire capped off his season with a victory in the Nelson-Lynwood Nursery Street Stock finale after a last lap pass for the lead. William VanGuilder finished his season on a high note, winning the Niemeyer Garage Challenger summer-ender, his second consecutive win of the year.

Josh Ferry and Eric Reinwald brought the Johnson Car Care and Collision Center Economods to the green for their 25-lap feature. As the field got to turn one Adam Burt spun but righted himself before yellow was thrown. Then, just prior to the leaders crossing the line for the end of lap one, Nate Young and Geoff Conn spun in turn four. Then, on the restart Burt got into the front straight wall, suffering heavy damage to the right front and needing towed from the scene. After the caution several cars piled up in turn one but also were charged with the caution. Again, the field failed to make turn one when John Boyd and Mark Titus spun. Jason Brightman spun in turn three on the next try. When the race resumed Ferry and Ty Rhoades led lap two when Dominic DePonceau and Titus spun in turn four. Ferry led the single file restart back to green and again led with Rhoades still second. Rhoades pulled to the infield at five laps complete with mechanical ails at the same time as Justin Sax and point champion Matt Alexander spun in turn four. Ferry led Brian Toto, Mitch Wright, Reinwald, and Gary Olson at the next caution, for DePonceau, spun in turn four. At halfway Ferry was stretching his lead over Toto, Wright, Kyle Miller, and Reinwald. With ten laps remaining Mike Harmon spun in turn two. Ferry again started leaving the field until DePonceau spun with seven to go. The order remained the same after green until lap twenty when Conn spun in turn three. Wright got. Y Toto for second in the waning laps. With two laps remaining Steve Simon, Nate Young, and Devin Henry got together in turn four. At the checkers the top five were Ferry, Wright, Toto, Miller, and Reinwald with Ferry picking up his first Eriez victory of the season for the $1011 win.

The Niemeyer Garage Challengers were brought to green by Kyle Adkins and Skip Jackson with Jackson leading lap one and Casey Burch coming to second from eighth on the grid. At two laps Brandon Huffman spun. William VanGuilder took over at the front after green with John Zeleznick coming to second by lap four when Jessica Harvey spun at turn two. For the green it was VanGuilder, Zeleznick, Jackson, Burch, and Rick Karash. Huffman spun in turn two on the restart, with Kevin Covell piling into him. At halfway it was VanGuilder leading Zeleznick, Burch, Jackson, and Dillon Speer. Speer was fourth at twelve laps as the leader started lapping the back markers. The order at the finish was VanGuilder, Zeleznick, Burch, Jackson, and Speer. The win was worth $511 to VanGuilder.

The Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models were led to green by Khole Wanzer and Eric Wilson with 2018 Champion Jason Genco and Scott Gurdak in row two. Wanzer led lap one with Genco coming to second. In turn four Bobby Rohrer and T J Downes spun, slowing the race under caution. After green was again on the track two laps were complete when Dennis Lunger got turned sideways on the front straight, collecting several racers. Lunger wound up on the front end of Dave Lyon, who, in turn, was on the front of Chad Schauers, with David Pangrazio and Paul Norman piling into the scene. Wanzer again led after green with Genco coming to second at four laps and to the lead at five complete. Wanzer then spun in turn four at five complete. Max Blair came to second at six laps but Genco was starting to open a lead. At halfway through the thirty lap affair it was Genco, Blair, Wilson, Gurdak, and Mike Pegher. Tom Schriahofer spun with 22-laps complete, then pitted under the yellow and returned to the fray. Genco led after green with Blair using the top groove to try to reel him in, but Genco was pulling away. Pegher got by Gurdak for fourth at five to go. Jared Miley got next to Gurdak on the final lap but Gurdak got the spot by .007 seconds. It was Genco’s fourth win in his last four starts, two here at Eriez and two in a row at Genessee Speedway. The win was worth $3011 to Genco.

Rod Laskey and Carl Marcy brought the final event of the season for the Nelson Lynwood Street Stocks to green with Laskey leading the way but Marcy, Joe Rohrer, and Luke Rutsky tangled in turn four before a lap was complete. The front row the restart was Laskey and Shane Applebee but Chris Withers and B J Fiedler spun in turn one. This restart had a Laskey and Gary Fisher on the front row with Laskey leading at the end of one lap. At seven laps Marcy again spun, this time in turn two just as Shane Applebee and Chris McGuire were side by side for third with Applebee having a slight edge. Applebee and Fisher were side by side at nine laps with Applebee gaining the edge on the back straight of lap eleven but Fisher was solidly second at twelve laps with McGuire getting by Applebee a lap later when B J Fiedler spun in turn two. Laskey, Fisher, McGuire, Applebee, and 2018 champion John Boardman were the top five at this point. McGuire was slightly ahead of ahead of Fisher for second at fourteen laps and a length ahead at sixteen. Fisher was back to even at seventeen laps but McGuire pulled back to the spot at eighteen with Boardman now fourth and Applebee back to fifth. At two laps to go McGuire was challenging for the lead, then on the final lap a lapped car slowed Laskey’s progress enough that McGuire was able to take advantage and complete the pass, going on to his third win of the season for the $1011 payday.

John Boyd and Brent Rhebergen brought the Ran Den Excavating E-Mods to green for their thirty lap, $2011 to win feature. Mitch Wright spun in turn two with two laps in the books with Boyd leading over Mike Potosky and Joel Watson third, then second at three laps complete, then to the lead at the end of four. At six laps David Lamphere spun in turn two. Watson led Boyd, Rhebergen, Gary Eicher, and Greg Johnson to green but Jeremy Double spun in turn two. Potosky was back to fifth at nine laps when Lamphere again spun. Eicher was third at ten laps. Deven Dudenhoeffer looped his mount in turn four at thirteen laps. Eicher was second at fourteen laps and at halfway the top five were Watson, Eicher, Boyd, Rhebergen, and Dennis Lunger. Steve Simon and Jarrod Silvis made contact in turn two with Simon spinning and getting up on two wheels but not turning over. With ten to go Watson was pulling away from Eicher, who, in turn, was pulling away from Rhebergen, Boyd, and Lunger. At 22-laps Dudenhoeffer ran out of room in turn four and was stopped by the retaining wall. Dudenhoeffer needed towed pitside. Two more laps were on the books when Lamphere spun in turn four. Lunger got into the top three at five laps left as Watson was again pulling away to the win over Eicher, Lunger, Rhebergen, and Johnson.

The final race of 2018 was the forty lap Bob Rohrer Memorial for the Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Models with Boom Briggs and Matt Urban on the front row with a winner’s purse of $6011. The “Missing Man Formation” in honor of drivers lost in 2018 and track owner Bob Rohrer was used for the pace laps. Briggs led the race into turn one in his quest for his third consecutive Eriez victory of the year. By three laps Briggs was beginning to put distance between himself and the rest of the competitors. At five laps William Pinckney spun in turn four, erasing Briggs’ lead. The top five for the restart were Briggs, Urban, Dave Hess Jr, Wyatt Scott, and Mike Knight. Chad Wright spun in turn one with Breyton Santee, Pinckney, and Jonathan Hodgkiss also getting involved. Santee needed towed pitside. Hess and Urban ran side by side over the next several laps with Hess gaining second at eight complete, then Knight getting third at nine. Urban continued to slide back, losing fourth to Jared Miley at ten laps. At fourteen laps Briggs had a quarter lap lead over Hess. At eighteen laps Briggs was into lapped traffic. At halfway it was Briggs, Hess, Knight, Miley, and Urban. With Briggs in traffic Hess started closing the gap but then had to deal with the same traffic, allowing Briggs to re-establish his lead. With two laps to go fourth-running Knight spun in turn four, setting up a two lap run to the checkers with Briggs’ lead again eliminated by caution. Under the caution Hess pulled to the pit. Ferree was charged with causing Knight to spin and also relegated to the rear for the restart. Hess rejoined the field before green. Briggs pulled away at the green, going on to his third consecutive win over Urban, Max Blair, Wyatt Scott, and David Scott.

Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Models:
Time Trials: Jared Miley 16.290, Dave Scott 16.461, Max Blair 16.592, Steve Kania 16.662, Wyatt Scott 16.681, Boom Briggs 16.716, Mike Knight 16.733, Colton Flinner 16.745, Alex Ferree 16.794, Chad Wright 16.945, Matt Urban 16.952, Greg Oakes 16.957, John Lobb 16.972, Andy Boozel 16.975, Chris Hackett 17.842, Chub Frank 17.045, Dave Hess Jr 17.173, Bump Hedman 17.176, Jake Finnerty 17.179, Breyton Santee 17.220, Jonathan Hodgkiss 17.464, Will Pinckney 17.610, Todd Weldon 18.000
Heat 1: Jared Miley, Steve Kania, Mike Knight, Chad Wright, John Lobb, Chub Frank, Jake Finnerty, Will Pinckney
Heat 2: Wyatt Scott, Dave Scott, Dave Hess Jr, Matt Urban, Colton Flinner, Andy Boozel, Breyton Santee, Todd Weldon
Heat 3: Max Blair, Alex Ferree, Boom Briggs, Greg Oakes, Chris Hackett, Bump Herman, John Hodgkiss
Feature: Boom Briggs, Matt Urban, Max Blair, Wyatt Scott, David Scott, Steve Kania, Chub Frank, Alex Ferree, Colton Flinner, Chris Hackett, Jake Finnerty, Jared Miley, Dave Hess Jr, Bump Hedman, Jonathan Hogkiss, Mike Knight, Andy Boozel, John Lobb, Will Pinckney, Chad Wright, Breyton Santee, Todd Weldon (DNS), Greg Oakes (DNS)

Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models:
B-Main: Damian Bidwell, Tom Schriahofer, Zack Weich, John McGee, Josh Backstrom
Feature: Jason Genco, Max Blair, Eric Wilson, Mike Pegher, Scott Gurdak, Jared Miley, Kyle Zimmerman, Matt Latta, Andy Boozel, Bruce Hordusky, Darrell Bossard, Damian Bidwell, Breyton Santee, Andy Proper, Khole Wanzer, Matthew Sipes, Tom Schriahofer, T J Downes, Bobby Rohrer, Dennis Lunger, Dave Lyon, Chad Schauers, Paul Norman, David Pangrazio

Ran Den Excavating E-Mods:
Feature: Joel Watson, Gary Eicher, Dennis Lunger, Brent Rhebergen, Greg Johnson, John Boyd, Troy Johnson, Mike Kinney, Michael McGee, Steve Rex, Randy Hall, Jeremy Double, Mike Potosky, Hunter Hulley, Ken Zimmer, Mark Thrasher, David Lamphere, Zack Johnson, Brandon Grossman, Calvin Thompson, Deven Dudenhoeffer, Jarrod Silvis, Mitchell Wright, Steve Simon

Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods:
Feature: Josh Ferry, Mitchell Wright, Brian Toto, Kyle Miller, Eric Reinwald, Jacob Eucker, Gary Olson, Jason Brightman, Mark Titus, Justin Sax, Matt Alexander, Nate Young, Geoff Conn, Bryon Johnson, Mike Harmon, Stu Rickard, Steve Simon, Devin Henry, Mike Boyd, Dominic DePonceau, Ty Rhoades, Adam Burton

Nelson Lynwood Nursery Street Stocks:
Heat 1: John Boardman, Shane Applebee, Gary Fisher, Anthony Marotto, Scott Freer, Steve Yokum, Brent Crandall (DNS)
Heat 2: Garrett Calvert, Joe Rohrer, Carl Marcy, Jason Black, B J Fiedler, David Baker, Jason Longwell (DNS)
Heat 3: Chris Withers, Luke Rutsky, Gary Miller, Pat Fielding, Josh Seippel, Matt Lozowski, Bill Applebee
Heat 4: Rod Laskey, Chris McGuire, Doug Eck, Paul Nelson, Michael Reed, Joe Stajnragh, Justin Pratt
B-Main: Matt Lozowski, Brent Crandall, David Baker, Bill Applebee, Steve Yokum (DNS), Joe Stajnragh (DNS), Jason Longwell (DNS), Justin Pratt (DNS)
Feature: Chris McGuire, Rod Laskey, Gary Fisher, John Boardman, Shane Applebee, Garrett Calvert, Doug Eck, Luke Rutsky, Jason Black, Anthony Marotto, Joe Rohrer, Chris Withers, Mike Reed, Pat Fielding, Bill Applebee, Joshua Seippel, Matt Lozowski, David Baker, Paul Nelson, Carl Marcy, B J Fiedler, Gary Miller, Brent Crandall, Scott Freer

Niemeyer’s Garage Challengers:
Feature: William VanGuilder, John Zeleznick, Casey Burch, Dillon Speer, Skip Jackson, Rick Feely, Rick Karash, Dylan Greene, Mitchell Rex, Brandon Huffman, Zack Eller, Kyle Adkins, Mark Lawrence Jr, Jessica Harvey, Jeff Nunemaker, Trevor Jimerson, Shawn McBride, Jasmine Markham, Jeffrey Walter, Joe Syzmanski, Tim Fisher, Aaron Cole, Corey Mason, Joey Karash (DNS)