Please print, fill out clearly the forms and turn in to the registration booth on your first night of racing.  If you do not have access to a printer or forget, blank forms are available at the track’s registration booth each week!

Information must be LEGIBLE.  We need to be able to read your information.  If your handwriting is awful, ask someone else to write your information for you!!!

**SOCIAL SECURITY/FEDERAL ID NUMBERS ARE TAX REQUIREMENTS**  If this information is not filled out, you will NOT be paid until we receive them. 

Q: Which Social Security Number do you need?  Mine or the Car Owners?
A:  We need the number of whom the money is being paid to.  Who is filing the racing on their taxes?  If the money is to be paid to you – we need yours.  If the money is paid to your dad – we need his.  If the money is to be paid to a business name – we need their Federal ID.  If the money is be paid to another car owner – we need that car owners SSN or FedID.

You may fax these forms if you have access to a fax machine.  Please allow 3 days notice prior to racing – so do not fax on a Friday or Saturday and show up to race that same Sunday – you will be made to fill out a new form at the track.  Please fax to Chris at  814-461-1141

Please do not mail these forms in.  If you print them and fill them out, just put them in your truck, hauler or trailer to turn in on your first race day!  We don’t want any getting lost in the mail!!!



2018 Registration & W9 Form