Race Day Info

 Where Can We Purchase Ticket At?
You can purchase tickets at the track on the day of the event.  The track is a cash only operation and currently we do not accept credit/debit cards.

What Time Do The Races Start?
Gates open at 5:00 pm. Racing starts at 6:30.

Is Camping Available At The Track?
Free Camping is available, but at this time no hookups.  Please adhere to the signs posted for camping zones.  No camping is allowed near the kart track area as that is needed to race.  Please see our camping policy at the bottom of this page.  Camping Friday – Sunday. No Hook-Ups. NO PARKING NEAR KART TRACK OR IN FIELD ACCROSS FROM KART TRACK. DO NOT Block the pond. Camping areas will be designated. Please adhere to any signs posted or sections blocked off for camping. Please try to park close to one another as we have lost alot of camp space due to the new kart track. CAMPERS, PLEASE BE ADVISED YOU MAY BE ASKED TO MOVE YOUR CAMPER IF WE NEED TO RE-ARRANGE TO ALLOT FOR MORE SPACE.  Please clean up your own trash. Please keep pets on a leash & clean up after them. 

Do You Have Concession Stands?
Yes! We sell all fast food.

Are Coolers Allowed Inside The Gates?
Yes, coolers are allowed.No glass bottles & No Alcohol.  Alcohol must be purchased inside the track.

Is Your Facility Handicap Accessible?
Yes, We offer handicap restroom, wheel chair accessible stands, handicap parking at gates 1 & 2(Gate directly behind tower) large parking facilities,front and both sides.  

How Is Your General Seating Set-Up?
We have bench seating or you can bring lawn chair or stadium seats.  For large events however, lawn chairs may not be permissible as they take up 2 rows.

Is There Anything Else That I should Know Or Bring?
You do not need to bring anything specific, except special events, like veterans day admissions… proof of ID.

Do You Sell Alcohol?
Yes we do sell beer, and some malt beverages, as a result no alcohol will be permitted to be brought in to the stands from outside the track, due to Pa. liquor license.

Are Pets Allowed ?
No pets allowed in stands. But they are allowed in the parking area and pits.  Please keep pets on a leash.  You are responsible for cleaning up after your pets & for their behavior.

What is your ATV use policy? 
ATVs can only be used on Eriez Property, DO NOT ENTER WOODED AREAS or ANY SURROUNDING PRIVATE PROPERTY, including drive-ways.  ATV use must follow general track rules or they will be banned from track grounds.

What is your Motorized Vehicle use policy?
Once racing starts, please limit the use of motorized vehicles and use safe driving. NO KIDS WILL BE PERMITTED TO BE DRIVING ANY 4-WHEELER, GOLF CART, MINI BIKE, SIDE BY SIDE, etc… in the pits or parking lot once racing starts. Security will be around both areas watching for this. ONLY 2 PEOPLE permitted to a 4-wheeler. This is a safety pre-caution. No one is to ride on the front of a four wheeler.  Abuse of motorized vehicles and we will completely prohibit them from the track period.