Track Info

Eriez Speedway was built in the early 60’s, and has seen many changes over the years. Bob and Kathy Rohrer bought Eriez Speedway in the spring of 2006.Because of the neglected state of the track at the time of purchase, many long nights, and thousands of dollars were spent getting it back to the present condition. Many friends and volunteers, have spent endless nights and hard work to change the restrooms, bleachers, kitchens, walkways, fences, and most important of all, the entire track surface and barriers. New clay was laid, new cement barriers, for safety, more banking, and of course the Dirt Doctor, was consulted to make the track conditions, the best it can be. With so much trial and error, and experience under the belt, the track hopefully will see better and better racing every season. Bob has raced, for over 20 years, and understands the drivers needs, and with this in mind, has tried to make everything driver friendly. Kathy has done her best to upgrade the quality and verity of food, you see there today. The most important thing on Bob and Kathy’s mind these days is making Eriez Speedway one of the best dirt track racing in the area.Drivers, fans, good racing, and fun for kids and adults a like, are what’s the most important agenda at Eriez.It is our upmost desire at Eriez Speedway, that each and every year brings new and exciting racing and events.The Rohrers would like to give a very special thanks to everyone whom has helped to make Eriez what it is today. For all of the long hours, blood sweat and tears, of each and every volunteer, and for all of the race fans and the drivers…. a most sincere and appreciative, “THANK YOU”!