Kyle Miller earns Bob and Jackie Vogt Memorial Win at Eriez Speedway!

Kyle Miller earns Bob and Jackie Vogt Memorial Win at Eriez Speedway!

Kyle Miller earns Bob and Jackie Vogt Memorial Win at Eriez Speedway!
“Relay for Life” is also a big winner at Eriez Speedway!

Hammett, PA (August 5, 2018): On yet another hot summer night at Eriez Speedway another local charity benefited from the fans of auto racing as the “Relay for Life” had a display on the concourse for the work they do for people needing transportation to treatment for cancer and ailments. On the track the action was as hot as the August air as Kyle Miller won the featured Johnson’s Car Care and collision Economod 20-lap feature. Boom Briggs won his first Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Model feature of the season, dedicating the win to the memory of his father, Rick, a former championship contender at Eriez and any track he raced. Rick passed away a year ago this month. In other action Max Blair added another notch in the win column of the Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models, John Boyd prevailed in the Ran Den Excavating E-Mods for the first time in ’18, John Boardman padded his points lead in the Nelson Lynwood Street Stock finale with his third win of the year, and Jeff Nunemaker won the Niemyer’s Garage Super Challenger finale, his first of the season.

The first feature on the track was for the Nelson Lynwood Street Stocks with Jimmy Kennerknecht and Brad Church leading the way to green. At the initial start the field only made it to turn 2 when Shane Applebee, Jason Black, Carl Marcy, and Ron Boardman all came together, negating the start. Kennerknecht led when the race restarted but second-running Brad Church spun in turn two on lap four. Steve Yokum faltered on the restart With Ron Boardman then getting into him. From lap four through lap six there was a restart on every lap for spins for Boardman heading to the pits after being involved in three of them. Kennerknecht held the lead until lap eleven when John Boardman got by on the back stretch. The rest of the race was green with Boardman taking the win, his third of the year, over Mike Reed, who got by Kennerknecht near the finish, Kennerknecht, Paul Schreckengost, and Anothony Marotto.

The Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods were the evening’s feature class with a 20-lap finale Bob & Jackie Vogt Memorial Sponsored by Close Racing Supply scheduled for the competitors. Gary Olson and Geoff Conn were the front row but the yellow flag was shown when the cars got to turn one as Justin Sad and Jim Van Cise got hooked together and slid into the turn one wall. Van Cise was unable to continue. When the race was again restarted, Olson led but only one lap was in when Mitch Wright spun in turn four. Olson again led with Kyle Miller second and Conn slipping back to third. Olson and Miller were even at the line at lap two laps with Miller the leader at lap three With Conn still third. Then fourth was up for grabs with Devin Henry and Matt Alexander even at five laps complete with Alexander taking the spot at lap six. Sax’s night got worse at seven laps when he slammed the retaining wall out of turn two, sustaining heavy damage although Sad was uninjured. At halfway the order was Miller, Conn, Henry, Olson, and Alexander. At ten laps Eric Wilson came into the top five, then was fourth at eleven laps. Miller had a half-straight lead at lap twelve that evaporated when Keith Felicity and Jason Brightman spun in turn one. Casey Harmon pooped his mount in turn two at thirteen. On the restart Conn took over second and and three laps later Wilson got by Henry for third. At the finish it was Miller, Conn, Wilson, Henry, and Olson.

The Plyler Overhead Door Super Late Models had a 15-car starting field with Jake Finnerty and Wyatt Scott leading the lack to green. Finnerty took the immediate lead but Scott appropriated it in turn three. On lap two Boom Briggs took over second from Finnerty and began battling Scott for the lead. It took another six laps of battling but at lap eight Briggs was the leader. At ten laps defending class champion Dave Hess Jr was next to Scott and was second at eleven. At halfway the order was Briggs, Hess, Scott, Finnerty, and Bretton Santee. At lap thirteen Wendell Pinckney spun in turn one and two. Over the rest of the race Briggs and Hess opened a big lead over the rest of the field with Max Blair coming into the top five at lap seventeen, then to fourth at lap twenty-three. The top five were Briggs, who dedicated his win to the memory of his father (Rick), Hess, Santee, Blair, and Scott.

Al Brewer and John Boyd brought the Ran Den Excavating E-Mods to green With Brewer, Steve Simon, and Troy Johnson three-wide for the lead on the back straight of lap one. John Boyd was up to third at the end of the lap behind Simon, then second at two laps with Johnson third. David Lamphere spun in turn four at lap eleven. At twelve laps Boyd had the lead by a nose at the line with Johnson coming to second a lap later. Gary Eicher got to fourth at lap fourteen with Randy Hall now fifth. Hunter Hulleg’s night ended against the back straight wall at that point. Eicher was up to third at lap sixteen Johnson was challenging for the lead and got next to Boyd at one point But would not complete the pass. With eighteen complete Lamphere and Mike Kinney got together in turn one. At the checkers it was Boyd with his first win this season over Johnson, Eicher, Hall, and Carl McKinney.

The Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH crate Late Models were paved by Scott Gurdak, fresh off a win Saturday night, and Khole Wanzer with the two running side by side until.turn four when Gurdak got in front of Wanzer. There’s run only lasted until lap.three when he slowed and headed to the loyalty unknown Issues. Max Blair, the sixth place starter, then took the lead from Wander and by lap five had a half straight lead over Wanzer, Jason Genco, and Bruce Horsusky Jr. At twelve laps Genco was next to Wanzer and then took over second. Blair went on to his fifth win of 2018 over Genco, Wanzer, Hordusky Jr, and Kyle Zimmerman. The event went caution free.

Jeff Nunemaker took the lead at green from the outside front row and held it through two cautions, first for Aaron Cole, sitting in turn four at lap one, then Shawn VanGuilder in a wild melee on the front straight when he spun sideways in the front straight, then witn piling into each other and the wall with Cory Mason nearly rolling over A lap later. Nunemaker’s win was his first of the season. Second through fifth were Zack Eller, Skip Jackson, Brandon Huffman, and Greg Marsh.


Plyler Overhead Door Super Late Models:
Heat 1: Dave Hess Jr, Boom Briggs, Matt Urban, Darrell Bossard, Mike Knight, Max Blair, Bump Hedman, Doug Sci
Heat 2: Wyatt Scott, Jake Finnerty, Breyton Santee, Club Frank, Steve Kania, Chris Hackett, Wendell Pinckney
Feature: Boom Briggs, Dave Hess Jr, Breyton Santee, Max Blair, Wyatt Scott, Chub Frank, Mike Knight, Jake Finnerty, Darrell Bossard, Matt Urban, Steve Kania, Wendell Pinckney, Doug Eck, Chris Hackett, Bump Hedman

Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models:
Heat 1: Max Blair, Bruce Hordusky, Kyle Zimmerman, William Pinckney, Andy Proper, Al Brewer
Heat 2: Jason Genco, Khole Wanzer, Scott Gurdak, Breyton Santee, Paul Norman
Feature: Max Blair, Jason Genco, Khole Wanzer, Bruce Hordusky Jr, Kyle Zimmerman, Breyton Santee, Andy Proper, Paul Norman, William Pinckney, ScottGurdak, Al Brewer (DNS)

Ran Den Excavating E-Mods:
Heat 1: Steve Simon, Randy Hall, Al Brewer, Steve Rex, Jarrod Silvis, Mike Kinney, Calvin Thomson, Justin Carlson, Hunter Hulley
Heat 2: Troy Johnson, Carl McKinney, John Boyd, Casey Bowers, Gary Eicher, Steve Sornberger Jr, David Lamphere, Robert Cetell Jr
Feature: John Boyd, Troy Johnson, Gary Eicher, Randy Hall, Carl McKinney, Casey Bowers, Steve Simon, Steve Rex, Jarrod Silvis, Al Brewer, Steve Sornberger Jr, Mike Kinney, David Lamphere, Hunter Hulley, Calvin Thomson, Justin Carlson, Robert Cettell Jr

Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Bob and Jackie Vogt Memorial Sponsored by Close Racing Supply Economods:
Heat 1: Eric Wilson, Matt Alexander, Gary Olson, Mitch Wright, Ty Rhoades, Jim Van Cise
Heat 2: Eric Reinwald, Kyle Miller, Steve Simon, Mike Boyd, Mike Harmon, Jason Brightman
Heat 3: Geoff Conn, Bobby Vogt, Devin Henry, Zack Lenart, Keith Fellicity, Justin Sax
Feature: Kyle Miller, Geoff Conn, Eric Wilson, Devin Henry, Gary Olson, Matt Alexander, Steve Simon, Mike Boyd, Zack Lenart, Eric Reinwald, Keith Fellicity, Mike Harmon, Jason Brightman, Bobby Vogt, Ty Rhoades, Mitch Wright, Jim Van Cise, Justin Sax

Nelson. Lynwood Stree Stocks:
Heat 1: Jimmy Kennerknecht, Brad Church, Gary Fisher, Jason Black, Casey Burch, Carl Marcy, Mike Reed, Drake McCray, Brad Stoeger
Heat 2: John Boardman, Ron Boardman, Anthony Marotto, Chris McGuire, Wesley McCray, Joshua Seippel, Joe Rohrer, Chris Fenno, Jordan Eck (DNS)
Heat 3: Bill Applebee, Doug Eck, Brian Crandall, Garrett Calvert, Shane Applebee, Steve Yokum, Brent Crandall, Paul Schreckengost
Feature: JohnBoardman, Mike Reed, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Bill Applebee, Anthony Marotto, Chris McGuire, Gary Fisher, Doug Eck, Brian Crandall, Jason Black, Wesley McCray, Paul.Schreckengost, Brad Church, Joe Rohrer, Garrett Calvert, Shane Applebee, Steve Yokum, Joshua Seippel, Drake McCray, Chris Fenno, Brent Crandall, Ron Boardman, Casey Burch, Jordan Eck, Carl Marcy, Brad Stoeger

Niemeyer’s Garage Challengers:
Heat 1: Bob Leonard, Jessica Harvey, Was Stull, Jacob Peterson, Kevin Covell, Mike Barr, Joe Richter, Dalton Eggleston, Josie Tolon, Lane Reinwald, Trevor Jimerson
Heat 2: Brandon Huffman, Shawn Van Guilder, Skip Jackson, Jeff Nunemaker, John Zeleznick, Phil Powell, Nickolas Reed, Emily Stoyer, Cory Mason, Dave Warner
Heat 3: Nichols Condron, Dylan Greene, Zack Eller, Joe Syzmanski, Alexis Vogt, Rachel Moller, Aaron Cole, Charles Morris, Greg Marsh, Chuck RUSH
Feature: Jeff Nunemaker, Zack Eller, Skip Jackson, Brandon Huffman, Greg Marsh, Dylan Greene, Jessica Harvey, Phillip Powell, Mike Barr, Alexis Vogt, Nickolas Reed, Rachel Moller, Aaron Cole, Joe Richter, Joe Syzmanskji, Jacob Peterson, Trevor Jimerson, John Zeleznick, Bob Leonard, Nichols Condron, Dalton Eggleston, Shawn VanGuilder,Wes Stull, Kevin Covell