Max Blair wins Mike Farr Memorial at Eriez Speedway

Max Blair wins Mike Farr Memorial at Eriez Speedway

Max Blair wins Mike Farr Memorial at Eriez Speedway
Blair also wins RUSH Crates, Johnson, Conn and Greene get first wins, Boardman gets second win.

Hammett, PA (July 1, 2018 – Jay Pees) — Eriez Speedway remembered one of the most respected names in local racing with the Mike Farr Memorial, a 41-lap feature in honor of the driver of the number 41. Mike raced many years at Eriez in the old Cadet/Limited Late Model and Sportsman divisions with considerable success. He eventually moved to the Atlanta, GA area and developed the Genesis Racing Shock into a premier piece of equipment used on many local winner’s racers. Mike was always available to troubleshoot racer’s problems and came up to his home area often to help racers.

After a wild night of racing that saw a violent double flip in the Super Late Model B-Main it was a mix of veterans and newcomers to Victory Lane. Max Blair scored the double again, taking home wins in the ULMS Late Model Mike Farr Memorial and the RUSH Crate Late Model feature. Veteran driver Troy Johnson led flag to flag to score his first Eriez E-Mod win of 2018 while John Boardman drove to his second win of the season. Geoff Conn and Dylan Green both made their first trip to Victory Lane in the Economod and Challenger features.

With 29 Zimmer Service Center-ULMS/Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Models, a “B” Main was necessary. As the field came to the white flag Bump Hedman slowed qdramatically on the main straight. Steve Kania, having no escape route, slammed into the rear of Hedman, resulting in both cars rolling simultaneously. Neither driver was injured, but both cars sustained heavy damage.

Kyle Couchenour and John Boardman brought the Nelson-Lynwood Nursery Street Stock feature to green bit as the field negotiated the back straight on lap one but Joe Rohrer, Michael Reed, Carl Marcy, and John Boyd piled up on the back straight. Jason Black rolled to a halt at the next green, negating the attempt. The third try was successful with Boardman leading the way over Couchenour. With three laps in the books Rod Laskey got into the front straight wall, slowing the race again. He was able to drive to the pit under his own power but was done for the night. On turn two after green Brad Church spun into the infield but kept going, falling all the way to eighteenth. By halfway it was Boardman, Couchenour, Chris McGuire (from eighth on the grid) Shane Applebee, and Brian Crandall when Jason Black spun in turn four. With eight complete Wes McCray spun. McGuire immediately went to second at green and began chasing down Boardman but appeared to be losing ground to the points leader. With three to go Carl Marcy and Shane Applebee got together in turn two. Applebee was done for the night but Marcy was able to continue. Boardman, the points leader, went on to the win over McGuire, Couchenour, Crandall, and Darr Diegelman.

Geoff Conn and Matt Alexander brought the Johnson’s Car Care Center to green with Conn leading the way over Alexander, Eric Reinwald, Mitch Wright, and Devin Henry through lap four. Alexander was next to Conn at five complete and the two continued nearly even until Zack Lenart spun in turn one with six complete and Conn holding a slight lead. At seven laps Lenart and Henry spun in turn two with Conn still in front. Wright was up to third with Ty Rhoades fourth and Josh Mueller fifth. Wright got by Alexander with six laps to go but Conn was driving away. Brad Boyd looped in turn two with five to go. Alexander got by Wright on the restart and Brian Toto came to fourth but Rhoades was back to the spot at twelve complete. On the final lap Rhoades got by Wright to finish third behind Conn and Alexander. Wright wound up fourth with Toto fifth.

The Mike Farr Memorial for the ULMS/Zimmer Service Center-Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Models started twenty-five cars for the 41-lap grind with Jake Finnerty and Alex Feree on the front row. Miley grabbed the immediate lead over Finnerty and at seven laps had a half straight lead catching lapped traffic at eight laps. Fastest qualifier Boom Briggs spun in turn one at lap nine, slowing the race under caution. Briggs had been fourth at the time. At ten laps it was feree, Chub Frank, Finnerty, Max Blair, and Matt Urban the front five. Blair was third at twelve laps with Jared Miley getting by Urban for fifth at fifteen laps. Finnerty fought back and regained fifth at eighteen laps. At 22 laps eighth starting Blair and sixth starting Frank were locked in a fight for second as the leaders came into heavy traffic at 25 laps. Blair had second at lap 27 and the lead a lap later. Blair started opening his advantage and Frank got by Miley. At 31 Briggs got into the turn four wall for the next caution. The leaders were now Blair, Frank, Jared Miley, Miley, and Chad Wright. On the first lap under green Frank went high in turn three, even lifting the left side of the car, then slipping back to seventh. On lap 34 Frank spun in heavy traffic on the front straight and Bob Dorman got caught up and also spun down the front straight. For the restart with seven to go it was Blair, Miley, Wright, Mike Maresca, and Urban. Blair, the current points leader went on to his second Eriez win of the season over Miley, Wright, Maresca, and Urban. Blair’s win was his sixth win in the last nine ULMS races and his second of the weekend, having won in Tyler County, West Virginia Saturday night.

Butch Southwell and Troy Johnson brought the 22 Ran-Den Excavating E-Mods to green but at the start David Lamphere got into the wall, slowing on the straight and negating the start. Under the ensuing caution Southwell retired to the pit, leaving Johnson and Steve Rex on the front row. On this attempt Justin Sax and Robert Cettell Jr spun in turn one. The third try succeeded and Johnson grabbed the early lead over Gary Eicher, up from fourth. Al Brewer spun on the main straight with four laps complete. Johnson continued to lead after green with Randy Hall coming to second at the end of five, then surrendering it back to Eicher a lap later. At nine laps it was Johnson, Eicher, Hall, and John Boyd when Calvin Thompson spun. Yellow flew again at twelve laps when Josh Beckstrom spun into the infield. Brian Stino was the next yellow, at lap thirteen. Eicher and Hall ran next to each other until Eicher pulled back ahead at sixteen. Dennis Lunger was up to fourth at this point and Boyd back to fifth. Eicher got next to Johnson on the final lap but Johnson went on to the win, his first at Eriez this season and second this weekend. Hall wound up third with Boyd getting by Lunger for fourth on the final circuit.

The Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models had Scott Gurdak and Breyton Santee on the front row for their twenty-lap feature. Santee led the pack at one lap over Gurdak, Paul Norman, Max Blair, and T J Downes. Brandon Porter spun at four laps for caution number one. On green Blair came to second and got next to Santee on lap five, pulling ahead out of turn four. Norman spun at eight laps complete. Gurdak got by Santee for second at nine laps with Jason Genco and Kyle Zimmerman both getting by at halfway. Blair’s lead was a quarter lap at fourteen laps complete over Gurdak, Genco, Zimmerman, and Santee. At the white flag Genco took second from Gurdak.

Jeff Nunemaker and Dylan Green brought the Niemeyer’s Garage Challenger feature to green with Nunemaker leading Greene at the end of the first lap. Zack Eller and Mike Barr spun down the main straight as they finished lap one. Nunemaker continued to lead after green with a heavy challenge from Greene. By four laps in, Nunemaker had a one length lead when Bob Leonard and Jeremy Logsdon got into the retaining wall on the front straight. At six laps Jacob Peterson came to a stop on the front straight, again slowing the race. Nunemaker led again after green with Greene, Chris Horton, and Wes Stull all vying for the lead. Greene managed to get the advantage out of turn four for his first ever win. Nunemaker, Chris Horton, Wes Stull, and Skip Jackson filled out the top five.

Next Sunday, July 8, will be the annual Auto Racers for Kids Charity night with lots of fun things for kids and adults who are kids at heart. Among the activities will be a “Chinese Auction”. Door panels from local racers will be among the items auctioned. If racers have a door panel or any other items they’d like to donate, please bring them to the track office next Sunday. The Auto Racers for Kids charities this summer will benefit The Refuge, the 2ndHarvest Food Bank Back Pack Program, the NWP Autism Society Lego Social Program, Erie Dawn, and the Bethesda Trinity Center.

Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Models/Zimmer Service Center United Late Model Series:
Top 5 Time Trials: Boom Briggs, Mike Maresca, Chub Frank, Darrell Bossard, Dave Hess Jr
Heat 1: Jake Finnerty, Matt Urban, Colton Flinner, Mike Wonderling Jr, Michael Maresca, Brandon Groters, Wyatt Scott, Dave Hess Jr
Heat 2: Jared Miley, Max Blair, Greg Oakes, Darrell Bossard, Ryan Montgomery, Andy Boozel, Rich Gardner
Heat 3: Boom Briggs, Alex Feree, Matt Lux, John Lobb, Steve Kania, Breyton Santee, Mike Knight
Heat 4: Chub Frank, Chad Wright, Bob Dorman, Chris Hackett, Bump Hedman, Rich Gardner, Jason Dobson
B-Main:Mike Maresca, Ryan Montgomery, Wyatt Scott, Andy Boozel, Breyton Santee, Brandon Groters, Rich Gardner, Wendall Pinckney, Dave Hess Jr, Mike Knight, Jason Dobson, Bum Hedman, Steve Kania
Feature: Max Blair, Jared Miley, Chad Wright, Mike Maresca, Matt Urban, Chub Frank, Chris Hackett, Colton Flinner, Ryan Montgomery, Boom Briggs, Andy Boozel, Matt Lux, Mike Wonderling Jr, Jason Dobson, Alex Feree, Wyatt Scott, Bob Dorman, Greg Oakes, Jake Finnerty, John Lobb, Breyton Santee, Darrell Bossard, Rich Gardner, Brandon Groters, Wendall Pinckney

Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models:
Heat 1: Max Blair, Scott Gurdak, Breyton Santee, John Waters, Kyle Zimmerman, Bob Craig, Brandon Porter, Khole Wanzer
Heat 2: Jason Genco, T J Downes, Paul Norman, Will Pinckney, Chad Clement, Darren Waldron, Al Brewer, Steve Houser
Feature: Max Blair, Jason Genco, Scott Gurdak, Kyle Zimmerman, Breyton Santee, Khole Wanzer, John Waters, TJ Downes, Bob Craig, Chad Clement, Paul Norman, William Pickney, Brandon Porter

Ran Den Excavating E-Mods:
Heat 1: Dennis Lunger, Steve Rex, Butch Southwell, David Lamphere, Greg Belyea, Brandon Grossman,Calvin Thompson, Robert Cetell Jr
Heat 2: Mike Kinney, Steve Sornberger Jr, Steve Simon, Al Brewer, Josh Beckstrom, Jarrod Silvis, Hunter Hulley
Heat 3: Troy Johnson, Gary Eicher, Randy Hall, John Boyd, Tim Rockwell, Brian Stino, Justin Sax
Feature: Troy Johnson, Gary Eicher, Randy Hall, John Boyd, Dennis Lunger, Mike Kinney, Steve Simon, Tim Rockwell, Hunter Hulley, Steve Sornberger Jr, Steve Rex, Josh Beckstrom, Jarrod Silvis, Brian Stino, Al Brewer, Brandon Grossman, Butch Southwell, David Lamphere, Justin Sax, Robert Cettell Jr

Johnson’s Car Care Economods:
Heat 1: Devin Henry, Geoff Conn, Mitch Wright, Gary Olson, Josh Mueller, Zack Lenart, Jason Brightman
Heat 2: Matt Alexander, Eric Reinwald, Ty Rhoades, Kyle Miller, Brad Boyd, Brian Toto, Dominick DePonceau
Feature: GeoffConn, Matt Alexander, Ty Rhoades, Mitch Wright, Brian Toto, Josh Mueller, Eric Reinwald, Gary Olson, Zack Lenart, Steve Sornberger, Brad Boyd, Devin Henry, Dominic DePonceau, Kyle Miller

Nelson-Lynwood Nursery Street Stocks:
Heat 1: Brad Church, Darr Diegelman, Shane Applebee, Garrett Calvert, Brent Crandall, Ron Boardman, Drake McCray, Dana Maybe
Heat 2: Jimmy Kennerknecht, John Boardman, Jason Black, Joshua Seippel, Pat Fielding, Chris Fenno, Gary Fisher, Joe Rohrer
Heat 3: Eric McCray, Kyle Couchenour, Brian Crandall, Carl Marcy, Jamie Scharba, Michael Reed, Justin Pratt, Victor Redeye
Heat 4: Chris McGuire, Rod Laskey, Paul Nelson, David Baker, Doug Eck, Mark Frontera, Brad Stoeger
B-Main:Ron Boardman, Gary Fisher, Michael Reed, Joe Rohrer, Drake McCray, Justin Pratt, Paul Nelson, Chris Fenno
Feature:John Boardman, Chris McGuire, Kyle Couchenour, Brian Crandall, Darr Diegelman, Garrett Calvert, Joshua Seippel, Jamie Scharba, Michael Reed, Brent Crandall, Wesley McCray, Ron Boardman, Doug Eck, Pat Fielding, Carl Marcy, Gary Fisher, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Paul Nelson, Jason Black, Shane Applebee, David Baker, Brad Church, Joe Rohrer, Rod Laskey

Niemeyer’s Garage Challengers:
Heat 1: Skip Jackson, Dylan Greene, Kevin Covell, Dalton Eggleston, Mike Barr, Dale McDonald, Corey Mason, Benjamin Stover
Heat 2: Wes Stull, Tyler Walters, Jon Seekings, Zack Bush, Matt Marcy, Joe Richter, Jessica Harvey, Aaron Cole
Heat 3: Zach Eller, Jeff Nunemaker, Chris Horton, Jeremy Logsdon, Trevor Jimerson, Bob Leonard, Rachel Moller, Jacob Peterson
Feature: Dylan Greene, Jeff Nunemaker, Chris Horton, Wes Stull, Skip Jackson, Zack Eller, Jon Seekings, Jessica Harvey, Tyler Walters, Zack Bush, Bob Leonard, Trevor Jimerson, Joe Richter, Kevin Covell, Benjamin Stover, Corey Mason, Jeremy Logsdon, Rachel Moller, Dalton Eggleston, Jacob Peterson, Carl Marcy, Mike Barr, Dale McDonald, Aaron Cole (DNS)