Santee wins first-ever Eriez feature!

Santee wins first-ever Eriez feature!

Williamson wins modified special, Blair, Watson, Rhoades, Couchenour, Rex also score wins!


Hammett, PA (May 27, 2018) —After three consecutive rained out attempts to start the 2018 season, fans and racers were greeted with “Chamber of Commerce Weather” for opening night at Eriez Speedway. 170 racers over seven classes signed into the pit. The BRP Modified Tour pulled into Eriez Speedway with thirty-one competitors from three states and Canada. Mat Williamson, of Niagara Falls, ONT was standing in Victory Lane at the end of the night after a thrilling battle with the winner of the nine preceding tour events, Erick Rudolph. In the Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Model feature it was Breyton Santee scoring his first-ever Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Model feature win after a back and forth battle with two-time Super Late Model Champion Dave Hess, Jr. Max Blair continued to show his mastery of the Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Model with yet another win in that division over early leader Scott Gurdak. 


In other action it was Joel Watson again showing the way to the checkers in the Ran Den Excavating E-Mods and Ty Rhoades getting the win in the Johnson’s Car Care Economods. Kyle Couchenour was awarded the win in the Nelson Lynwood Nursery Street Stocks after lap eleven when the time limit was reached in the caution-plagued event. Mitchell Rex claimed the winner’s laurels in the night-ending Niemeyer’s Garage Challengers feature that had the worst wreck of the night when Shane Morrow flipped end for end on lap six along the front straight wall. 


The first feature on the track was the Nelson Lynwood Nursery Street Stock Feature. With Kenny Lamp’s 26Jr pacing the field in a memorial tribute, the field honored the long-time racer, who passed from life in the off-season. Fellow competitor Richard Chess Jr, who also passed from this life earlier this spring, was also remembered. Darr Diegelman and Kyle Couchenour brought the field to green with Couchenour pulling out to the lead and Brad Church coming to second. With two laps complete Shane Applebee spun into the outside wall on the backstretch, slowing the field under caution. Couchenour brought the field back to green but Rod Laskey and Guy Adams got together in turn two with both ending up in the outside wall. Again the field only made it to turn two when Darr Diegelman and defending class champion Chris McGuire got together and spun. Three cars, David Baker, Michael Reed, and Kreg Schreckengost, spun together, again in “calamity corner”, turn one.  Yet again the field could not negotiate turn one with Luke Rutsky, Joshua Seippel, and Bill Applebee involved. This start was better Couchenour pulling out to a substantial lead over Church and Gary Fisher. Applebee again spun, this time in turn three at nine laps complete. Again yellow flew at nine laps for Schreckengost and Baker, again in turn one. Fisher got second at the green with Garret Calvert coming to the spot a lap later. In the final laps Fisher faded to nineteenth with a flat tire. At lap eleven Reed, Rutsky, and Darr Diegelman got together in turn two. With the time limit reached, Couchenour was declared the winner with Calvert second and Paul Schreckengost third.  Church was fourth with Brent Crandall fifth. 


Dennis Dellinger and Ty Rhoades brought the Johnson’s Car Care Center Economods to green but Dellinger was deemed to have jumped the start. He was penalized for the jump and sent back a row for the restart. Three cars piled up in turn four coming to the next green. On this try Mike Smith looped his mount in two, with the race still at zero laps.  Jason Brightman spun on this try and the restart was then single file. Three laps more and Justin Sax spun in turn three. At four laps complete Dellinger spun in turn one, collecting Matt Alexander and Brian Toto. At five laps another caution, involving Brad Boyd, Dellinger, and Alexander, with Alexander needing towed to the pit. With only four laps remaining Dellinger spun in turn four, his third of the night. Rhoades then went on to the win over Reinwald, Kyle Miller, Toto, and Brad Boyd.


The BRP Big Block Modified Tour started twenty-six cars for thirty-five laps with Mat Williamson and Michael Maresca on the front row. Erick Rudolph started tenth in his quest for ten feature wins in a row, going back to late in 2017. Williamson grabbed the early lead over Maresca until two laps in when Jim Rasey spun in turn two. Williamson continued to lead with Maresca continuing to challenge. At five laps in Rudolph was up to seventh and fifth two laps later. Rasey again spun at lap twelve, tightening the field. On the green Cooter King slammed the outside wall hard. He was loaded into an ambulance and checked at the track before t released. Caution again at fifteen complete for Brad Rapp, slowed in turn three. At the green Phil Vigneri scraped to a halt against the front straight wall, negating the start. At halfway it was Williamson over Maresca and Rudolph with Rudolph up to second at nineteen laps. Garrett Krummert was fourth at twenty laps with Jim Kurpakus fifth. With two to go Garrett Krummert and Skip Moore got together in turn one, setting up a final two lap run to the checkers. Williamson’s lead over Rudolph evaporated for the restart. Williamson put two lengths between his car and Rudolph’s over the final two laps, ending the win streak at nine. Maresca wound up third with Rex King and Jim Kurpakus filling out the top five.  


Joel Watson and Steve Rex brought the Ran Den Excavating E-Mod field to green with Watson leading through lap one but Cale Crocker spun in turn four before the lap was complete, negating the start. The next start saw Watson again lead, this time with a lap complete before Alan Atkinson spun in turn one. With Watson again leading to green Steve Rex spun in front of the rest of the field in turn turn two with Brian Pyles spinning to avoid contact. Greg Johnson came to second at green with Dennis Lunger Jr third. At nine complete Alan Atkinson spun in turn three with Lunger getting by Johnson prior to the yellow. David Lamphere, Cale Crocker, and Mike Kinney piled up in turn two at halfway for the next slowing.  Josh Beckstrom was the next yellow, for a spin at lap twelve. The final laps were Watson leading Lunger, Johnson, Gary Eicher, and Troy Johnson to the checkers. 


Khole Wanzer and Scott Gurdak lead the Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models to Mark Matthews’ green flag with David Pangrazio and Eric Wilson in row two.  With two complete Brandon Porter spun coming out of turn four as Gurdak, Wanzer, and Wilson led the way. William Pinckney was the next caution, in turn one at the green. Again the field only made it to turn one when Porter again apun. Zach Kane also spun in the turn. At five laps in Gurdak was leading Wilson, Zimmerman, and Wanzer when Matthew Sipes spun. Gurdak again led after green, stretching his lead over Wilson, Zimmerman, Pangrazio, and  Max Blair when Kane spun in turn one with Andy Proper and Paul Norman also involved. At halfway it was Gurdak, Wilson, Blair, Zimmerman, and Pangrazio. Then Porter spun in turn one and was hit hard by Paul Norman, who had no place to go. Jared Kane spun coming to green setting up yet another restart. Blair was second at eleven laps but Wilson was back to the spot at twelve. At thirteen laps Scott Dellahoy looped it in turn one. The top five was the same coming back to green with Blair getting by Wilson at lap fourteen. Zimmerman got by Wilson at lap sixteen with Blair getting alongside Gurdak at seventeen then leading at eighteen as Andy Proper spun coming off turn two. At the checkers it was Blair, Gurdak, Zimmerman, Wilson, and Darrell Bossard. 


Breyton Santee and Andy Boozel were the front row for the Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Model feature with Santee getting the early lead. Brandon Groters spun in turn three with three complete for the first caution of the race. At green Bump Hedman, a former track champion, came to second but reigning champion Dave Hess Jr was second at the end of five laps. Caution flew at twelve laps when Chuck Parker spun in turn two. Santee led Hess back to green with Hess choosing the high line and closing to half a length at fifteen. Hess pulled ahead on the mail straight at seventeen laps complete. Santee wasn’t done yet as he stayed right with Hess, even pulling alongside with four to go, then leading again at three to go. Over the final two laps Santee pulled out to a half a straight lead at the checkers over the reigning champion. Blair settled for third with Hedman fourth, and Andy Boozel fifth. 


Rory Houser and Josh Crull led The Niemeyer Garage Super Challengers to green. Yellow flew at lap one with Mitchell Rex leading when Joey Karash came to a halt. At lap six Rex was leading Skip Jackson when Shane Morrow got into the front stretch barrier and flipped end for end, landing on his wheels. He was uninjured but the car suffered extensive damage. At the finish Rex led Jackson, Bob Leonard, Dylan Greene, and Jeff Nunemaker across the line. 




Plyler Entry Systems Super Late Models:

Heat 1: Andy Boozel, Bump Hedman, Chad Wright, Mike Knight, Matt Urban, Boom Briggs, Wendell Pinckney 

Heat 2: Breyton Santee, Steve Kania, Mike Pegher Jr, Brandon Groters, Mike Wonderling, Jake Finnerty, Ryan Scott

Heat 3: Dave Hess Jr, Darrell Bossard, Greg Oakes, Max Blair, Wyatt Scott, Mike Smith, Chuck Parker

Feature: Breyton Santee, Dave Hess Jr, Max Blair, Darrell Bossard, Andy Boozel, Greg Oakes, Bumpy Hedman, Mike Knight, Wyatt Scott, Chad Wright, Steve Kania, Ryan Scott, Mike Pegher Jr, Boom Briggs, Wendell Pinckney, Matt Urban, Brandon Groters, Jake Finnerty, Mike Smith, Chuck Parker, Mikey Wonderling


Bonnell Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models:

Heat 1: David Pangrazio, Darrell Bossard, Scott Gurdak, Matt Latta, Jason Genco, William Pinckney, Chad Clement, Paul Norman, Andy Proper

Heat 2: Max Blair, Kyle Zimmerman, Eric Wilson, Ward Schell, Robert Meacham III, Scott Dellahoy, Gary Troyer, Zach Kane

Heat 3: John Waters, Khole Wanzer, Kyle Murray, Matthew Sipes, T J Downes, Jared Kane, Brandon Porter

Feature: Max Blair, Scott Gurdak, Kyle Zimmerman, Eric Wilson, Darrell Bossard, David Pangrazio, Will Pinckney, Kyle Murray, Damian Bidwell, Jason Genco, Jared Kane, Ward Schell, John Waters, Paul Norman, Scott Dellahoy, T J Downes, Khole Wanzer, Robert Meacham III, Zach Kane, Andy Proper, Matthew Sipes, Branden Porter, Gary Troyer, Chad Clement, Matt 



Ran Den Excavating E-Mods:

Heat 1: Joel Watson, Cale Crocker, Steve Simon,  Jarrod Silvis, Josh Beckstrom, Gary Eicher, Troy Johnson

Heat 2: SteveSornberger, Greg Johnson, Mike McGee, Josh Ferry, Ron Seeley, Brian Pyles, Brandon Grossman, Alan Atkinson, Alan Atkinson, David Lamphere

Heat 3: Mike Kinney, Dennis Lunger Jr, Steve Rex, Randy Hall, Hunter Hulley, Tim Rockwell

Feature: Joel Watson, Dennis Lunger Jr, Greg Johnson, Gary Eicher, Troy Johnson, Steve Simon, Steve Rex, Steve Sornberger Jr, Mike Kinney, Ron Seeley, Hunter Hulley, Brandon Grossman, Jarrod Silvis, Josh Backstrom, Michael McGee, Josh Ferry, Cale Crocker, David Lamphere, Randy Hall, Alan Atkinson, Brian Pyles, Tim Rockwell (DNS)


Johnson’s Car Care Economods:

Heat 1: Brian Toto, Dennis Dellinger, Justin Sax, Dan McEwen, Jason Brightman, Brad Boyd, Gary Olson

Heat 2: Eric Reinwald, Steve Simon, Ty Rhoades, Matt Alexander, Kyle Miller, Clint Smith

Feature: Ty Rhoades, Eric Reinwald, Kyle Miller, Brian Toto, Brad Boyd, Dennis Dellinger, Steve Simon, Matt Alexander, Clint Smith, Justin Sax, Gary Olson, Dan McEwen, Jason Brightman


Nelson-Lynwood Nursery Street Stocks:

Heat 1: Chris McGuire, John Boardman, Luke Rutsky, Wesley McCray, Michael Reed, Jordan Eck, Jason Black

Heat 2: Shane Applebee, Brad Church, Kyle Couchenour, Bill Applebee, Garrett  Calvert, Gary Fisher, Kyle Schreckengost, Brent Crandall, Brad Stoeger 

Heat 3: Aron Dascomb, Guy Adams, Darr Diegelman, Rod Laskey, David Baker, Pat Fielding, Scott Freer, Jason Smith, Drake McCray

B-Main: Jason Black, Brent Crandall, Doug Eck, Jason Smith, Brad Stoeger

Feature: Kyle Couchenour, Garrett Calvert, Paul Schreckengost, Brad Church, Brent Crandall, Pat Fielding, Wesley McCray, Chris McGuire, Mike Moon, Scott Freer, Kyle Schreckengost, Bill Applebee, Joshua Seippel, Jason Black, David Baker, Luke Rutsky, Darr Diegelman, Michael Reed, Gary Fisher, Guy Adams, Shane Applebee, Rod Laskey, Doug Eck, Jordan Eck 


Niemeyer’s Garage Challengers:

Heat 1: Skip Jackson, Rory Houser, Dakota Curry, Wes Stull, Zack Eller, Nicholas Reed, Phillip Powell, Joey Karash, Tyler Walters, Dalton Eggleston 

Heat 2: Bob Leonard, Mitchell Rex, Jeff Nunemaker, Chris Horton, Nick Robie, Jessica Harvey, Roger Hall, Aaron Cole, Joe Richter

Heat 3: Dylan Greene, Josh Crull, Mike Barr, David Scriven, Jacob Peterson, Chuck Rush, Benjamin Staver, Corey Mason, Josie Tolon

B-Main: ShayneMorrow, Joey Karash, Hunter Hulley, Josie Tolon, Joe Richter, Corey Mason

Feature: Mitchell Rex, Skip Jackson, Bob Leonard, Dylan Greene, Jeff Nunemaker, Wes Stull, Nickolas Reed, Josh Crull, Chris Horton, Zack Eller, Chuck Rush, Jacob Peterson, Mike Barr, Dalton Eggleston, David Screven, Jessica Harvey, Joe Richter, Shane Morrow, Rory Houser, Tyler Barr, Phillip Powell, Roger Hall, Mike Riche, Joey Karash


BRP Modified Tour:

Heat 1: Jeremiah Shingledecker, Garrett Krummert, Jim Kurpakus, John Venuto, Rex King, Travis Shingledecker, Richard Whitney, Bob Warren

Heat 2: Jim Rasey, Cooter King, Chris Haines, J R McGinley, Kyle Fink, Phil Vigneri III, Kevin Hoffman, Sidney Ungvergt 

Heat 3: Erick Rudolph, Rick Regalski, Mike Maresca, Rick Richner, Jimmy Holden, Steve Barr, Mike Frankhauser, Kevin Green

Heat 4: Brad Rapp, Lonnie Riggs, Mat Williamson, Dave Murdick, Tom Glenn, Eric Beggs, Tyler Willard

B-Main: Phil Vigneri, Eric Beggs, Kevin Hoffman, Richard Whitney, Mark Frankhauser, Sidney Ungvergt, Steve Barr, Travis Shingledecker

Feature: Mat Williamson, Erick Rudolph, Michael Maresca, Rex King, Jim Kurpakus, Chris Haines, J R McGinley, Lonnie Riggs, Lonnie Riggs, Dave Murdick, Rick Regalski, Brad Rapp, Rick Richner, Kyle Fink, Jim Rasey, Kevin Hoffman, Steve Barr, Phil Vigneri, Eric Beggs, Mark Frankhauser, Sydney Ungvergt, Garrett Krummert, John Venuto, Tom Glenn, Cooter King, Jimmy Holden, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Bob Warren (DNS)